30 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

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It’s that time of year when pumpkin spice and autumn leaves give way to peppermint cheer and snowflakes. Or in some places you have flamingos, palm trees and holiday lights.

It’s also the time for gift getting, and gift giving. I created this list of gift ideas with book lovers in mind. I hope it brings some inspiration and good cheer to this holiday season. (Hint, hint family. Just kidding. Sort of.)

Kindle | I’m a book lover and I LOVE mine – it’s easier than toting the 5 books I would otherwise carry around. It works for more than just books, which is a plus. This is the one I use for reading and bookstagram fun.

Kindle Covers | My kindle is a mini-library, I like to keep it protected from the everyday klutzy moments.  There are many covers, some look like books like the one I posted here.

Kindle Unlimited | What’s a Kindle without Kindle Unlimited? I like Kindle Unlimited because it allows me to check out multiple new books like a library. It has many books that my local library would not otherwise have.  You can gift a subscription or a gift card can be used for it.

Audible | If you’re an audiobook lover like my husband – this is great! They have various plans to fit a listener’s preferences. 

Amazon Gift Card | If you don’t know what your book lover wants – a gift card is usually a safe bet. They can use it to get a book that has been on their wish list for months, or many of the items on this list.  

Subscription Boxes | Subscription boxes – they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Anyone else like getting something other than spam in the mail? I enjoy them, I’ve gotten a few here and there. It’s like a mini-holiday in a box. There are a ton of options out there, here a few I feel are more bookish in style. 

There are also boxes for tea, coffee, snacks, art, relaxing, candles and plants if you’re looking for other ideas.

Headphones | If your book lover likes to listen to music and read, or for your audiobook lover, a good pair of headphones can make all the difference! 

Speaker | If your book lover doesn’t care for headphones – a speaker would be great. I have one I received as a gift for Christmas; I love to play soft jazz music in the background on my Bose when I read or write. I really enjoy the functionality of this powerful speaker, I take it wherever I want in the house or outside.

Gift card for Music (Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music etc) | Music can be a splendid gift. Some music providers now provide podcasts and audiobooks through their service too! 

Bookmarks | When I don’t use my kindle I’m hunting for a bookmark to keep my place in books, be it paperback, hardback, recipe book, or my own manuscript during edits – I’m always in need of a good bookmark! Extra points if the design is also book related!

Book lights | If I’m not using my kindle I usually have a light on to read a book or manuscript.

Book holder|  Really, I don’t think this needs any more justification. Recipe books alone could use a holder. 

Clothing | The quotes. The shirts. The unique style. If you know your book lover’s genre there’s likely a shirt to fit.  

Socks | It’s chilly in some places of the world these days, so keep those toes warm!

Slippers | Slippers can make all the difference, whether they’re flipflops or parkas for your toes.

Candles | Give the gift of a getaway! A sensual one for their nose! A candle that smells like a bookshop, themed after their favorite book, or paired with a book you picked out for them can bring a smile to their face.

Now I’m imagining a Caribbean breeze candle with a pirate book,  a sugar cookie candle with a cute bakery book, or a thunderstorm candle with a mystery book. Then add a drink or cocktail to match and it would be an experience!  

Bookish Jewelry | Bling – some folks love it, others don’t. You probably know which category your book lover falls into. I love hook earrings with sparkle.

Bookish Pillows | A good pillow makes for a cozy reading nook.

Blankets | What’s a pillow without a blanket? Incomplete. I enjoy having both myself. 

Mugs | Tea, coffee, cocoa, water, wine or hard liquor – everyone’s drink of choice when reading is different. A mug works for all!  

Bookish Tea | Tea, so much tea and so little time! Here are a few ideas.  You can find book themed teas or if you know what your book lover enjoys, you can narrow the tea search. I have enjoyed a Sips By Tea Subscription box the last few months.

Bookish Coffee | Coffee – I’m new to this game, thank you motherhood, if your book lover is a coffee lover this could be a winner!  Maybe a giftcard to their favorite drive thru coffee shop? 

Canvas bag / Tote Bag | I never seem to have enough hands, a tote bag gives me the freedom to carry my kindle, manuscript, coffee, and candles with a little more ease. Every book lover’s stash is different, but I suspect we all have over two things to carry unless we have an established “nook”. 

Journals | A place to write about all the books! Or lists, lists are good. 

Book Review Journals  | A place to review their books, a little memoir of their literary journey. 

Love Note Cards | They’re just fun.  There are all kinds for him, her, friends, etc.

Quotes | Books + Quotes = Book Quotes

You can have a lot of fun with quotes – art, clothing, cards, mugs, etc.

Calendars | A book of pictures for the wall, about books where you can record when books come out. 

Plants | Add some green to their day – real or fake, it would go great with a bookish candle!

Bookish swag and toys | This would require you to know more about your book lover in order to give them swag, stickers, toys, figurines or any of the items mentioned above related to their favorite books.

Most of all, if your book lover tends not to have time to read –  they would love time to enjoy their book nooks. They’d appreciate a chance to crack open a new book or a favorite old one during this holiday season. 

Gift cards or gift certificates to local bookshops, cafes and coffee shops are usually welcome.  

I hope this list of 30 gift ideas for book lovers is inspiring and helpful during this holiday season!  May your days be filled with exactly what you need and more of what you want. 

Happy holidays! 


~ K. Rea