30+ Gift Ideas for Writers & Authors

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It’s crunch time for getting gifts and wrapping them if you want them under the tree, in a stocking or by a fireplace on December 25th. To help here is a list of approximately 30 gift ideas (closer to 40!) for the writer/author in your holiday shopping list!

Writing Program Subscription|

This takes a bit of work. There are a ton to choose from, they may already have a favorite. For example, I like Novlr but there are quite a few and some double as editors and plotting services.

https://novlr.org/ https://www.literatureandlatte.com https://dabblewriter.com https://www.campfiretechnology.com/

Plotting Program |

Again, this idea takes a bit of work. There are few difference kinds and one’s out there. I don’t use one yet myself, but off the top of my head there’s Fictionary, Plottr, and Campfire. Check with your writer if they have a preference, (or already have a lifetime membership), or are a “pantser” aka they don’t plan, they just write.

https://fictionary.co/ https://plottr.com/ https://www.campfiretechnology.com/

Editing Program|

Check with your writer/author, again they may have a favorite or already purchased a lifetime membership. If not, this may be a gift to seriously consider. Examples of providers are Pro Writer’s Aid, and Grammarly.

https://fictionary.co/ https://prowritingaid.com/ https://www.grammarly.com/

Photo Editor program |

If your author is self-published or going the indie publication route – they may also do their own marketing/graphics design. This means they may make their own content for their social media platforms, marketing, and advertising. Or they could even make their own book covers!!! You might get a gift subscription for them, again you’ll want to check with your author. Examples are Canva, Canva Pro, Pixlr, BookBrush (specifically designed for authors), and more.

https://www.canva.com/ https://pixlr.com/ https://bookbrush.com/

Formatting program|

After a book is written and edited, it needs to be “formatted”. There are programs that help writers accomplish that task, one example is Vellum. There are others – check with your author/writer!


Writing Books |

This one you would need a wish list to pick the right book. Strongly consider a giftcard or ask your writer for specifics. For example, I loved LOVED Gwen Hayes “Romancing The Beat,” it converted me from a “pantser” to a “plotter.” Yet now, I could probably use some marketing books…

Kindle |

The Kindle works for more than reading books, I can edit my novel and do research with it. I mostly read books from the genre I write in, though. Soon I’ll be reading a few books on my craft as well. It also works well if you need a break from writing.

Kindle Covers |

With a toddler, and my clumsy gene a cover is crucial to keeping my Kindle in working order. Strongly recommend one, there are tons to choose from.  (Make sure the cover will fit the kindle they have…)

Kindle Unlimited |

I like Kindle Unlimited because it allows me to check out multiple from my genre and about self publishing without a hefty pricetag or constant trips out to the library or local bookstore.

Audible |

Some folks prefer listening to reading, as such this could come in handy.

Amazon Gift Card |

If you don’t know what your author wants or needs – a gift card is usually a safe bet.

Subscription Boxes |

Subscription boxes – A mini-holiday in a box. I’ve gotten a few, they’re like a Secret Santa and makes getting mail a bit more exciting.

Headphones |

If your author likes to listen to music when they write a good pair of headphones can make all the difference! If your writer prefers to dictate a set of headphones with a good microphone would be useful.

Speaker |

If your author doesn’t care for headphones – a speaker would work just as well. I have one; I love to play calm focus music in the background when I read or write. 

Gift card for Music (Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music etc) |

Music can be a splendid gift. Some music providers now provide podcasts and audiobooks through their service too!  These days I prefer Spotify, but my Pandora account is over 10 years old now on it’s way to 15….

Bookmarks |

Booksmarks for manuscripts. I edit by hand after typing on the computer. It helps to use an actual bookmark to mark my stopping point instead of a sticky note.

Book lights |

I edit at all hours of the day, especially at night. A little extra light always helps!

Book holder| 

After the manuscript has been edited and I cover the pages in red pen, it helps to have a way to prop it up while transferring changes to the computer.

Clothing |

Ya’ll we like our swag.

Socks |

They’re fun, practical and usually fall into the same category as swag.

Slippers |

I work on the back porch, and I don’t wear socks a lot. Tile floors, socks and clumsy don’t mix – slippers are a great compromise. Keep the feet warm, usually has some traction, and I can use them to take the dog out.

Candles |

A candle can set the tone of a room. Either take you to another place with your senses or make it warm, cozy and inviting. Plenty of bookish ones out there for the taking.    Their book could inspire it or one of their favorite authors.

Bookish Jewelry |

Kudo points if it relates to their story!

Bookish Pillows |

Sitting at a desk or couch writing at all hours of the day, we could all use some extra coziness or back support.

Blankets |

This goes hand in hand with pillows and socks/slippers, its a cozy factor. If your writer is comfortable they’ll likely write longer/better. It could be writer themed, or just a really cozy, soft blanket.

Mugs |

Tea, coffee, cocoa, water, wine or hard liquor – everyone’s drink of choice when writing/editing/authoring is different. A mug works for all!  

Tea |

Tea, so much tea and so little time! Here are a few ideas. 

Coffee |

Coffee is a good idea as long as your writer enjoys coffee – I love my raspberry chocolate coffee. You could also try a giftcard to their favorite drive thru coffee shop.

Canvas bag / Tote Bag |

A bag gives me the leverage I need to haul my writing gear with a little more ease to and from my writing spots.

Journals |

A place to write down story ideas, character bibles, or to-do lists. Lists are good. 

Planner |

Help them organize their flow be it word count, marketing, editing schedules or deadlines. I constantly write commitments as I get closer to launching my book.  

Love Note Cards |

They’re just fun.  This could be notes, quotes, or something to help their creative process.

Quotes |

We all need a little inspiration from time to time.

Calendars |

Some folks like planners, others prefer calendars.

Plants |

Add some green to their writing space – real or fake, it would go great with a candle. I love mine!


Or any other treats/snacks they prefer when they write.


Or any other special drink they like when writing. Usually I’ve got a coffee, tea or caffeinated something or other on my desk. Or an item to go with the special drink.

Any author/writer swag & toys |

It’s always good for a laugh. Sometimes that’s all we need. Extra points if it matches the genre they write in!

Support |

Buy their book, review their book if you liked it, follow their social media platforms. Share and celebrate their work with others (if they are okay with it!)

This list got a bit out of hand, I’ve added over 30 ideas. Hopefully, some of them inspired you for how you can give your writer a bit of holiday cheer. May the days be filled with exactly what you need and more of what you want. 

Happy holidays! 


~ K. Rea