Book Review Policy

Hello there! Welcome to the Book Review Policy page. Before you reach out to me at hello[at]kreative-books[dot]com, please read the Book Review Policy below.  Thank you!

The Kreative-Books, LLC  Book Review Policy

Kreative-Books, LLC is accepting advanced reading copies (ARCs), review copies of books, and newer titles that fit the following categories; romance, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. 

I will add titles to book lists and/or produce single book reviews. I will update book lists quarterly starting in 2021, and produce additional lists around themes and holidays.  

Book Formats Kreative-Books, LLC Accepts

  • Paperback books,
  • Hardback books,
  • Digital books (e-books) 

Book Review Format:

  • Book Cover
  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre 
  • Number of Pages 
  • Purchase Links  
  • The published blurb or summary provided. 
  • Pin-able image or Bookstagram image using book cover 
  • Review (150- 450 words not including synopsis) 
  • If the post is a Sponsored Post or an ARC, I will state it at the beginning of the post. 

Book Reviews are Posted on:

  • This Website (
  • Instagram (@kreative_books)
  • Goodreads (Kreative_Books)
  • Occasionally Pinterest 

Book Review Limitations

There are 24 hours a day, I devote many to my family. The rest of the day I pour into passion projects – primarily reading and writing. I cannot accept all requests, but I will consider all email queries.  

If I agree to review your book, I will review the book within 3 months of receipt and/or include it on a quarterly list. I may choose not to review the book per my book review policy disclaimer. 

Book Review Policy Disclaimer

By contacting me with a request to review, you acknowledge and accept that I must write my honest opinion.  The reviews are my own; unbiased and earnest.

I reserve the right to decline a review after reading a book if it is edited poorly, in poor taste, does not fit my blog content or hold my interest. I will contact you via email if I choose not to review a book.  

Thank you for reading the Book Review Policy and Book Review Policy Disclaimer.

Ready to Submit a Request?

If you agree to the book review policy and accept the book review disclaimer, please email me at with a request to review a book and/or add it to a book list.

Please include:

  • Title, author, publisher, publication date, and summary/blurb of the book
  • Genre of book
  • An Official book cover image from you and/or permission from you/your publisher to use the cover responsibly across social media (including Pinterest pins).
  • If you have a deadline you would like your book reviewed by if possible.

Book Review Policy Updated November 2020