Kreative-Books 2021 Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge

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A New Year. It marks a new beginning, a rebirth, second chances, and the hope of spring. This year more than most, I think. Happy New Year! Whenever you read this if 2021 is 2 weeks away or 2 months ago, I wish you the best year you can have, that life is a bit easier, you are bit stronger than you thought and that joy is everywhere to be found even in the toughest of times.

This year I aspire to complete a reading challenge, at minimum twelve books, a different theme each month. It’s up to you how you interpret the theme, I wrote these with paranormal romance and urban fantasy genre in mind. Books can be little or long, you can read one, none or all you can get your hands on.

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So, here we go:

Kreative-Books 2021 Reading Challenge:

Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy

January: New Year, New Fae (Fae)

February: Vixens, Vampires & Valentines (Vampires)

March: Wolf With Me (Shifters)

April: Hello Alpha (Alphas)

May: It’s Raining Angels (Angels)

June: Gods Among Us (Gods)

July: Royally Yours (Royalty)

Aug: School’s In Session (Academy, College, Education)

Sept: Playing with Fire (Dragons, Phoenixes)

Oct: Magic & Mayhem (Witches, Wizards, Covens)

Nov.: Nightfall (Dark, Broody, and Goes Bump in the Night)

Dec: Frost Me it’s December (Anything Winter, Christmas, Holiday)

For each month I’ll post what I’m reading and a few additional ideas for each topic.

I’ll mostly post about indie/self-published authors, though a few authors with traditional publishing houses may also get an honorable mention here and there. Each month I’ll release a list of suggested books for that month’s theme.

Let me know if you have any suggestions! I’ll update this post and my GoodReads TBR list with a few other ideas. In the meantime, welcome to the challenge! Happy New Year, Happy Reading!