The Fallen by C.N. Crawford

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The Fallen by C.N. Crawford

  • Title: The Fallen (Hades Castle Trilogy)
  • Author: C.N. Crawford
  • Publication date: October 14, 2020
  • Pages: 310pgs
  • Genre: New Adult & College Fantasy

I enjoyed The Fallen by CN Crawford because even though the book centered on angels, every character had grit and a bit of steam. The descriptions and events bring the reader into the dark, dangerous and rebellious streets of Dovren without a backward glance. It has a very late 19th Century London vibe. There are no damsels or innocent maidens in this book, but warrior women that make their choices, even if those choices are for the wrong reasons.

Lila is a thief with the best intentions at heart. She wants to take care of her family, be true to her countrymen, and enjoy a few luxuries along the way. She’s perfectly flawed and down to earth.

Samuel is a calculating, brooding angel with a business plan that includes a wife and conquering humanity. He has a soft spot for tea, books and tough vulnerable women.

“Now, we are fighting with weapons of desire, and we’re both at risk of losing ourselves in this war.”

– The Fallen, by CN Crawford

I’d recommend this book to anyone that fancies prejudice rebellious women and prideful fallen angels. The book was a great escape; it left me wanting more answers. I’d like to know;

– Why is Lila a foundling?

– What is her connection to Raven King?

– What happened to Alice and why?

As soon as I see a date for book two a reminder is going on my calendar. Mark me busy, I know where I’ll be with a cup of tea and a book in hand. Here’s a quick link if you’re ready to soar with The Fallen! Amazon  |  Goodreads

Publisher’s Blurb for The Fallen by CN Crawford

The angel of death wants me to be his wife.

Most days, I steal from ships to earn a living. Not glamorous, admittedly, but it’s honest work. Okay, fine. It isn’t honest either, but it means I get to eat.

Until one night, a sinfully sexy angel strides into my favorite dance hall and compels me to work for him. It isn’t just work, though. He wants me to be his wife in Castle Hades. Apparently, his prophetic dreams say I’ll help him become king.

Beautiful as he is, he’s also a lethal tyrant. And I could be in danger. Luckily, I know how to fight back, how to weaken an angel: I must seduce him.

Now, this is a battle, and he’s my beautiful enemy. We are fighting with weapons of desire, and we’re both at risk of losing ourselves in this war.

For readers of Laura Thalassa, Amelia Hutchins, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Linsey Hall, and Sarah J. Maas.”